Highland Queen Majesty 12 Year

Highland_Queen_Majesty_12Region: Highland
Price:  $$$
Class:  100% Bean Bag
Rating: 4 / 5

Best consumed when playing sweat-less leisure sports.
(i.e. croquet with the Queen of Hearts)

Pros, Cons and Neutralities

+: Lip numbing bonus
N: 80 proof

Culling of the Copy

Soft, delicate malt with light floral notes, a nutty sweetness and a long, elegant finish.

G.L.O.: Pretty accurate other than finish elegance.

The Word(s) on the Street

adjectives: generous, busty, floral scent, oakey, delicate flavor, sharpish finish

“This is a 9:00pm – 9:30pm / dessert / cool weather Scotch.

“Smooth as an old saddle – much like the Queen.”

“This would also be great when ascending (or descending – as long as you took it easy on the ascent) the summits of the Queen’s Majestic Highlands.”

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