Speyburn 10 Year

Speyburn_10Region: Speyside
Price:  $$
Class:  50% Nautical, 50% Parking Lot / Alley
Rating: 2 / 5

Best consumed in an alley, wearing urine-soaked pants,
having just gotten an anchor chest tattoo.

Pros, Cons and Neutralities

+: Cheap
+: 86 proof
: “Drink Responsibly”

Culling of the Copy

A pleasant honey bouquet, medium bodied with a delicate, fruity character and warm, peaty finish.

G.L.O.: This is some bullshit.

The Word(s) on the Street

adjectives: woody, pointed, eaghfph, smooth start / rough finish, gross, rough, harsh

“Goes down like a urine-soaked hammer.”

“Smells like booze and a kiss of the ass.”

“Turn your head and give two coughs.”

“Best when thirsty!  (or after lots of other Scotch)”

“Best from a glass that previously held Glenlivet.”

One thought on “Speyburn 10 Year

  1. Tried this the other night and found it to be very pleasant. Didn’t taste expensive and what I would be after for a black tie dinner at which I had to impress, but considering the price, and more importantly the flavor profile, I love this stuff.

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