The Glenlivet 12 Year

Glenlivet_12Region: Speyside
Price:  $$$
Class:  100% Camping / Campfire
Rating: 4 / 5

Best consumed for breakfast, on a long drive or from a
canteen during a primeval time traveling expedition -
all while wearing a smoking jacket and using a pipe.

Pros, Cons and Neutralities

+: Reasonably priced
+: Great font
N: 80 proof

Culling of the Copy

  • Colour: Bright and lively gold.
  • Nose: Vibrant aromas of summer meadows and tropical fruits, notably pineapple.
  • Palate: Floral notes, smooth and sweet fruit notes of fresh peaches, pears and vanilla.
  • Finish: Marzipan and fresh hazelnuts.

G.L.O.: This is overly descriptive – they’re trying too hard to earn their Goddamned paycheck.

The Word(s) on the Street

adjectives: dark and leafy, smooth, very little scent, balanced, full spectrum of flavor, strong font-end, coffee aftertaste

“Eat some bits of the forest.”

“The closest to elegant since the Queen! (Highland Queen)”

“You can taste the years.”

One thought on “The Glenlivet 12 Year

  1. Terrible drink and after bearing with it for a few weeks, gave the bottle away to a friend who really enjoyed it.

    Make sure you like it before buying or you may find yourself like me, giving it away.

    For about the same money I preferred Black Grouse, Grangestone 12 and Speyburn 10.

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