Lagavulin 16 Year

Lagavulin_16Region: Islay
Price:  $$$$$
Class:  200% Campfire
Rating: 4 / 5

Best consumed as far from a campfire as possible -
potentially either while Urban camping, at a funeral or
a live birth.

Pros, Cons and Neutralities

+: Overproof (86 proof)
+: Very nice looking bottle
: Expensive
: “Drink Responsibly” with reference to DrinkIQ website

Culling of the Copy

Pungent and potent, this is the great Islay malt with richly peatydeepsmokey flavours.  It has an intenselong, ambrosial finish.

G.L.O.: We didn’t pick up on the “ambrosial” finish.  Otherwise this was very accurate.

The Word(s) on the Street

adjectives: tasty, meaty, robust, leathery, very complex, smokey

“There’s a read meat thing in there.”

“Not an everyday Scotch”

“Very enjoyable finish.”

“It’s like drinking a campfire!”

“Grade A catcher’s mitt.”

“Time takes out the fire but leaves in the smoke.”

“Long, leathery finish – like swallowing a leather sock.”

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