The Grangestone Whisky Collection: Highland 12 Year

Grangestone_Highland_12Region: Highland
Price:  $$
Class:  100% Bean Bag
Rating: 4.5+ / 5

Best consumed everywhere from situations requiring sock
garters, a fez and/or a beanbag chair, to those just
prior to a civil war era surgery.

Pros, Cons and Neutralities

+: Very reasonable price
+: Nice packaging with an awesome logo
+: Responsible consumption not mandated
N: 80 proof

Culling of the Copy

Beautifully floral aroma, intertwined with hints of spicefresh fruit and oak.  Delicate taste with subtle spice and oak notes, enveloped with a mellow vanilla sweetness.

G.L.O.: Spot on.

The Word(s) on the Street

adjectives: bulbous / fruity / floral nose, a little spicy, smooth, very nice finish – somewhat sweet, good balance, not overly oaky, low peat quotient

“The finish just gets better.¨

“Straightforward, honest, drinkable Scotch.”

“Tastes unmolested – which is hard to disguise.”

“Looks like an old, hungover man’s urine sample.”

“Scotch from a simpler time, not trying too hard at being what it is.”

6 thoughts on “The Grangestone Whisky Collection: Highland 12 Year

    • If you’re asking where we would get this whiskey in WA, I honestly can’t say. Our band is based in Tucson, AZ so it has never been an issue.

  1. I have found this to be a very pleasant everyday drink. I think this may just be the best value scotch I have ever tasted. I am facing the end of the availability of my beloved Mortlach 16 F&F, and tried this on the recommendation of the spirits specialist at Total Wine. Bonnie, I live Vancouver, WA, and it is available here at the new Total Wine store. Ended up being $42 after getting tax gouged ;-)

  2. This is available at Total Wine in Spokane, and apparently they’re a nationwide chain, so I’d assume they’re on the left side of the state too. I’m having my second glass right now and it’s very smooth, nice nose and finish. I like it, but mostly because it’s good for the price and not one I would buy if it were more expensive.

    Still, price and product in the balance, it’s a good buy if you like your scotch smooth.

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