We, the members of Tucson’s Greasy Light Orkestra, started this project with a simple goal; drink Scotch whisky.  Our education on the topic was minimal and we had no desire to spend a large portion of our street-side earnings on sub-par swill.  In order to make a reasonable selection, we needed answers to a few simple questions:

  1. How does this Scotch taste?
  2. How expensive is it?
  3. Will it make us better musicians?

We wanted to find some straightforward answers but quickly learned that a disproportionate number of sites exhibited a thoroughly bourgeoisie bent – totally unsuited for our purposes.  It was at that moment that we decided to embark on a journey of enlightenment.  Armed only with our modest earnings, our taste buds and our wits, we would brave the mysterious amber specter haunting the aisles of the liquor store and lay waste to its mystique – disregarding all corporate affiliation, sponsorship and political snobbery.  We would then share our knowledge in a plain, accessible and unambiguous manner so that others could benefit from the experience.

This site is the ever-growing culmination of that effort and is devoted to holding true our most beloved rallying cry, “All Scotch, No Bullshit”.